Take grip and expendables off of your to-do list. We've got it covered, ask about our budget friendly pricing.


1 Eizo 27” Monitor

1 Backstage Magliner 18” Cart w/2 shelves

1 Matthews Monitor Mount

10 Matthews 40" C-Stands Hollywood/Regular

2 Matthews Medium Roller Stand

1 Avenger Baby Roller

1 Avenger d600 Miniboom

2 Manfrotto Counter Weights

2 Manfrotto Super Clamp w/Stud

8 Manfrotto Super Clamp w/out Stud

10 25lb. Matthews Sandbags

1 Manfrotto Aluminum 3 Section Tripod

Pocket Wizards (with mini to phone cable)

2 Manfrotto Adjustable Background Holder Crossbar (44”-117” paper)

2 Manfrotto J-Hook

Spring Clamps

2 Duckbill Clamps

2 Cartellini Clamps

 6 4” Pins

 5 4’x8’ V-flats

 32”x40” Black Showcards

  32”x40” Silver Showcards

  30”x36” Matthews Black Flag

  30”x36” Single Net Black Scrim

  30”x36” Double Net Black Scrim

  4’x4’ Matthews Floppy Cutter

  Apple Boxes (4) full, (4) half, (4) quarter

  Extension Cords

  Rosco Cine Foil Matte Black (24"x25')

  Assorted Savage Seamless Paper Options

  2 Rolling Racks + Hangers

  2 Industrial Steamers

  4 6' Folding Tables