Money Talks with Mira Megs Lathrop

Mira Megs Lathrop Interview

Mira Megs Lathrop knows money. More than that she believes in the transformative power money has on our personal, social, and economic lives if we realign our relationship to it. After spending 10 years as a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley and co-creating a money coaching program at Capital One, Mira forged a new path, completing an M.A in transpersonal psychology, co-founding Women Power Our Planet, and becoming a “finanseer” — a coach, facilitator, and healer who wants to empower women to invest in a better future. 

What has been the most pivotal moment in your life or career? 
The day I chose to leave Morgan Stanely. I didn’t leave just to leave, but because somewhere new and unknown was calling. 

In a few words, how do you describe a healthy relationship with money? 
Evolving, conscious, and empowered (at choice). 

What have you learned through other people’s financial experiences? 
I see myself in most anyone I talk to or coach around money.

What’s one financially responsible thing everyone can do today? 
You can choose who you bank with. You can look at what is inside any fund you invest in. 

Besides money, what’s the most important currency in life? 
Communication is a top currency — being able to talk about money with those around you. Then, money either becomes a pathway to conflict and tension, or intimacy and connection. 

When you think of connection, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 
Connection is the doorway to abundance. This is my motto, or maybe even mantra.

In what ways does your work make you hopeful for the future? 
I see that we all have the power within ourselves. It’s just a question if we will trust, and give ourselves the time and space to align ourselves with our truth. 

You have 12 hours and free rein in Blank Studio — what do you do?
I’d create a series of experiences rooted in sisterhood in empowerment. I’d want to have as many women as possible come participate — with food, wine, open mic, and clear information about money. A 12-hour financial empowerment extravaganza! 

What are 5 of your favorite resources right now?

  1. Ho’ponono prayer

  2. My altar

  3. Cacao

  4. Money circles

  5. Embodiment practices

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